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  • "When I was invited to go to lunch here, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From walking in the door I was greeted by friendly staff, and within seconds we were seated and looking at menues. The pasta I had ordered was absolutely divine, and the way that the chef team cooks your food behind the bar so that everybody can see really brings a good feeling of home to the little bistro. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a good time surrounded by happy people and good food".

    Robert MacMillan
  • Tucked away among much larger shops and nondescript restaurants, the Mercurio was a wonderful, accidental find while strolling along Bloor Street opposite the Bata Shoe Museum at the start of a glitzy downtown run of museums and upmarket designer stores. It's small and feels old world from the moment one passes over the threshold. I sat at the bar and had a glass of very good Ontario merlot but they have an extensive by the bottle list and eight good reds on tap, including a selection of outstanding Italian wines. I'd had a late lunch so I just ordered a salad and was happily surprised by the blend of arugula, avocado, crabmeat and sliced beet with a simple vinaigrette and crispy deep-friend quinoa, a first for me. A man I assume is the proprietor come over at the end to ask how it was and chatted about wine and food, shaking my hand when I left. I felt as if I were leaving the house of a friend (except for the bill, of course).

  • Excellent food and accommodated friends and family for a table of 11 at the last minute. This is my 2nd time at the restaurant and would recommend it to any visitor to Toronto as they seem to have a faithful local clientele. Our group selected items from every section of the menu and they all loved it. The service was excellent and even made cleaning up 'spilt milk' from our children like a fun event. “Thanks for a great night!”

    Marc H
  • Sure Canadians have a reputation for being friendly (and I'm one of them so I know) but on noting my reservation I was greeted like an old friend or a frequent customer. All the meals (fish, pizza) were excellent. Seemingly trendy clientele providing some enjoyable people watching.

  • We visited Bar Mercurio for our anniversary. We went because we knew the food would be delicious and the service. We enjoyed the tuna carpaccio app with two generous glasses of prosecco. We both had pasta: the bolognese and the Gorgonzola gnocchi. Delicious. The restaurant is busy and reservations are recommended.

    Winifred H
  • I love this place! And who knew that I would be craving a gluten free pizza in an authentic Italian restaurant, it's absurd, but it's true. Crunchy gorgeous wholesome ingredients all the way. The wine selection was also good. One of my favourite things about eating out is witnessing the owner present which is so enthusiastic after all the years. That's when you know your in the right place and it's going to be money well spent, because let's face it it's a 'la familia affair'. Ok back to the food... The lobster ravioli is crazy good! I don't want to spoil the surprise so just order it. Ps perfect place for a date. Enjoy! X

  • This is one of my favourite places in Toronto. Always crowded, reservations needed. Staff and owner are great.

  • I hosted my sister--an out of towner--here last week. I promised a warm welcome, very good food and a nice wine selection. We got it all. She was impressed with the simple and fresh dishes, the wine recommendation and the ambience of the place. The only caveat I would have is that the outside of the place (sign and menu board) are in disrepair and are unwelcoming. A little tidying up outside would make the visit all the better.

    Jennifer C
  • I am a regular at this charming and excellent restaurant---from the hearty welcome at the door to the delicious and innovative menu, I highly recommend this restaurant. The new menu offers many mix and match options, the specials are fantastic. My favorites are the Roasted Kale Salad and Lobster Pizza (evenings) and the wine list is one of the best in the city. Homesick Europeans---Italians in particular----will feel right at home here. Enjoy!

    Brio Viajo
  • ?????Traditional, fresh and healthy ingredients make for great Italian food. Service is very warm and friendly. Great pizza selection!

    Cristina Costa
  • *****Came in last minute...ended up having the best gluten free pasta I’ve ever had! Also, a true americano was the perfect way to put a pep in my step. Fantastic service!

    taylor's mere existence
  • ?Had lunch here today with a friend. Not too busy for a Tuesday. Friendly staff with a nice ambience. We shared the grilled octopus appetizer (polipo ai ferri $18) which was fabulous! I then had the fettuccine al funghi which was competent but nothing special. Friend had the eggplant parmigiana which was a better choice. Cappuccino and espresso to close. As it was a birthday celebration, they brought us each a digestive on the house. Lunch for two with a bottle of mineral water was $91 before tip. Would eat here again.

    bill gentles
  • Outstanding service, amazing, healthy pizza & pasta selection! An accommodating, authentically Italian environment great for small groups and intimate dinners. Complimenti a Giuseppe Mercurio e il suo stupendo personale ????

    nico bock
  • Wonderful service, great food and lovely decor. Place was packed with good ambiance.

    jane v

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